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June 8, 2012

Whether you are a veteran of the Web design business or are just getting your feet wet there is a variety of web tools at your disposal that will make the process easier and help expand your creative vision. You don`t have to pay big money on extended tools, if there are already free ones which can make the same job. Here are 7 free tools that may have not yet occurred to you to expand your web developer toolkit.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program should be at the top of every web developer’s list who can’t afford or do not desire to use Adobe products. Of all the free image editing software on the market GIMP is far and away the best, offering powerful web tools with an intuitive interface that should be instantly familiar to Photoshop users.
Good images will set you apart. GIMP saves you hundreds on expensive software and is the only image editing program you’ll need.

gimp web tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is free to use; you don’t need to be an Adwords partner to take advantage of this indispensable service. The keyword tool shows you which exact terms and phrases users Google most. A second metric shows how much competition you will face when choosing given keyphrases.

 Google web tools


Yuuguu turns your desktop into a multi-user interface, allowing developers at remote locations to work on the same project at the same time. Just initiate an instant message and you’ll be able to share what’s currently on your desktop with any connected user. This makes it a snap to show a client current progress on a website as well, as you’ll be able to share a real-time view of the site as you see it.


Adobe BrowserLab Web Tools

Adobe BrowserLab is an online service that helps ensure your web content displays as intended. Accurately preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems, navigate links, and use diagnostic tools to optimize websites efficiently. Is a great tool, because there are very few online web tools built for testing websites and this tools is certainly one of the best.

adobe browser lab web tools


Mailchimp is an online service tool which lets you create email campaigns in the most professional way. MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform.

 mailchimp web tool


ProCSSor is a powerful (and wholly free) CSS prettifier that lets you format CSS in the exact way you want. It empowers you to turn your CSS into something that is visually more compelling, and with a minimum of effort at that.


Last but not least, you need a tool which can help you improve the workflow and hit your deadlines. Toggl is a free online time tracking tool, which works anywhere. Time track anywhere on anything: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android. It`s a simple app which can actually track your working time in an intuitive way.

Your search should never end for the best free web development tools. The open-source community and small developers often release products and web tools that are just as good as major brand name products. Save some money and grow as a developer with these free tools.


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Madalin Tudose is a web designer and developer who loves to inspect websites for new designing techniques and trends. He`s the founder of Ourtuts, where he blogs about anything related to web development.