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January 15, 2012

Codes, codes and codes… got tangled in the mess of codes? Nothing unusual, this is quite usual with programmers as they have to copy and paste the same code over and over again to tame a new application. But this is quite time consuming and may drain you of creative juice and sometimes , may drive you to the brink of insanity. However, you can easily cut through the clutter of codes by using code snippets that will let you call codes you use frequently. Now, there are different species of code snippets organizers available these days and with you can have a normal life with enough time in your hand exploring other aspects of your life. Lets take a short journey!

Code Bank

With support for a shared database and a local database, Code Bank is a must have desktop code snippet manager that truly rocks. With it, you will be able to share a code snippets library among multiple users and this will come in handy for them while using the same code time and again. Its revision history comes loaded with a compare viewer that will let you see side by side changes between revisions. Built on Adobe AIR platform, this desktop application runs on almost all modern operating systems. Its syntax work on multiple languages that include SQL, HTML, ActionScript, C++ etc.

Code Dogg

This desktop application will let you store your code snippets that you can use anywhere and anytime. This desktop code snippet application is free and like the rest of the others of its clan, it is not sluggish in its performance. It is superfast and its interface is extremely easy to operate. With this, you will always have the latest version of code snippets ready and synchronizing CodeDogg with your computer and other devices is a breeze. It creates groups to make it easier to manage unruly codes.

The Snippet Manager

This is another free, yet highly featured rich applications for managing your code snippets. This is particularly good for those who fancy to store their code snippets online, however, there are options to store your snippets locally. There are options to search and use code snippets shared by other users from its vast and useful repository.


Developed in Java, this is a free and cross-platform application that will let you manage your code snippet in a never before way. The best part of this desktop code snippet application is that it offers support to 25 languages and there is an option to search your code.


If you are tired of dealing with cluttered interface and longing for a super clean, simple and intuitive interface, SnippShot is the way to go. This is a web based code snippet managing application and therefore, there is no need to slowing down you PC with another application. Since it is cross-platforms compatible, you can easily make it work on any modern OS or browser. Moreover, this application loads fast due to the fact that it does not use any images.


This is another easy to use code snippet manager. With it, you will be able to save countless hours of manpower by creating shortcuts of snippets you frequently use. There are options to create snippets via easy to use snippet editors and the good news is that the code snippets can contain any combination of images, text, dates, nested elements.


With the simple and intuitive interface of this great desktop code snippet application, you will have instant access to all the code snippets as well other things like files and clippings. You just need to do a single keystroke or do a single click and you will have all the information at your finger tip. This application is quite smart at helping you access recently used code snippet and to do a quick search and there are enough options to export and print your page.


This desktop application will let you store code snippet in a place, which is accessible from any computer, and therefore, with it you will be able to share code with others effortlessly.


This a basic code and text organizational tool and as expected, and as it is not that much sophisticated, you cannot expect it to be super smart at helping you finding long codes placed at the remotest location of your hard drive.


This desktop application for code snippet is specifically designed to eradicate the pains of developers whose productive hours go wasted because of managing and pasting the same code over and over again. This is good for managing those codes, which you use rarely and therefore hard to locate when you need them the most. It will save your precious time when you need to send a code snippet to a friend or co-worker without juggling with between one file to another.


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