March 31, 2013

An image gets blurred when the subject of the photograph moves faster in comparison to the background or vice versa. Photographers use this weakness, to their advantage. A blurred motion picture often bestows a sense of movement and action to the photograph by freezing a span of time through the lens.

This unique photography technique can be used for giving a dramatic effect to commonplace as well as special scenes like speeding tiger in its natural habitat, flights taking off on the run away and many more.

For capturing blurred image, the photographers need to reduce the shutter speed of the camera so that the subject gets exposed to the camera for a longer time. In most cameras, the shutter speed can be adjusted by the photographer and thereafter the ISO and aperture are mechanically determined by the camera in accordance with the shutter speed. However, it is always better to check the ISO and aperture so that the desired effect is created. When a shutter speed is slow, more light is going to enter the camera and can result in overexposure of the photograph. Therefore, choose a lower ISO and close up the aperture to avoid overexposure. There are also many light blocking filters that can be attached with the lens to block natural light. Use of tripod is absolutely essential for getting the best results so that only the subject or the background is blurred and the other objects remain absolutely crisp.

Here is a collection of twenty high-quality motion blur pictures that will inspire the photographers to explore this particular technique and come up with creative motion blur photographs.

Colour in Motion

City in Motion Blur

city in motion blur

Teddy`s Day Out

Pool Break

City Bike

Blurred motion Seattle Wheel at dusk

J i u u u i i !

Church in Motion

Objective Focus

Motion Blur

motion blur

Disney Dumbo at Night

motion blur at disney

Volkswagen Golf MK 2 VR6

car motion blur

Circle of the Blessed

circle in motion blur

Twilight Criterium


Hotrod Rig Shot

motion blur cars

Travelling without moving

On The Alert

Night, in Motion

Blurred Umbrella


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