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October 14, 2013

When it comes to invoicing clients as a freelancer, it can be quite a headache inducing task. The chances are you don’t have your own personal accountant, and when you have several clients on the go at once things can get very confusing, very quickly.

Being your own boss definitely has its perks, but it also your own accountant among other things. Thankfully, there are an abundance of resources, tools and solutions when it comes to invoicing clients for your work. Whether you sell a product or charge by the hour, it’s easy to accept payments online and streamline your freelance business.

We’ve handpicked the best online invoicing solutions, helping you make an informed decision as to which one is right for you.


FreshBooks is one of the most widely recognized online invoicing and accounting solutions and with good reason – it definitely lives up to its reputation. It boasts a simple and intuitive interface that tackles accounting head-on, storing all information to a cloud. This makes it accessible from a wide range of devices, making it easy to keep on top of things on the go.

Creating bespoke invoices featuring your own logo and branding is easy, and once you’ve sent them to your client you can track when it’s been viewed and paid. Accepting online payments via PayPal is as easy as clicking a button, meaning you get paid quickly and securely. You can even set up late payment fees that are automatically applied after a set amount of time, giving your clients a gentle reminder.

FreshBooks is an affordable invoicing solution with an abundance of impressive features, and due to its flexible payment options you can upgrade instantly as your freelance enterprise expands.

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From the offset it’s clear that Blinksale invoices are all about the aesthetics, offering completely customizable designs that support CSS. However, it also has a range of intuitive invoicing features and supports several forms of online payment.

Blinksale also creates estimates, which can be turned into an invoice at the click of a button, and it’s easy to setup reoccurring billing and subscriptions. Friendly reminders can be scheduled, and likewise, Blinksale also reminds you to send a thank-you note when payment is received.

Like FreshBooks Blinksale supports PayPal, but it also supports the relatively new Stripe platform. Stripe has more favorable fees, and also supports all major cards.

Blinksale is perfect for those looking for eye catching invoice design, with an intuitive back end and multiple payment options.

blinksale online invoices


It would be wrong not to include a free solution, and that is exactly where Invoiceable comes in. Despite being completely free to use, it’s a full-featured invoicing app that is favoured by several big brands. The only catch is that they apply a small note to the bottom of Invoices stating that it was made with Invoiceable, but this can be removed with a one time and reasonable fee.

Invoiceable prides itself on its simplicity and is extremely easy to get to grips with. Invoices can be made in 2 clicks, and there are basic customisation options including the ability to add a company logo.

If you want fancy looking invoices than Invoiceable isn’t for you, but considering it’s entirely free, it is perfect for up and coming freelancers looking to cut costs.

invoiceable online invoicing


Similar to the other solutions, CurdBee accepts PayPal as well as Google Checkout and It boasts a wide range of aesthetically pleasing templates for both invoices and estimates, with the option to send them through email or Snail Mail.
Tax, discounts and shipping costs can be effortlessly calculated, and there is also the ability to setup reoccurring profiles and periodic billing. CurdBee also has intuitive time tracking tools, perfect for freelancers who charge by the hour, with the option to create graphs and reports to visualize projects.

CurdBee syncs all information to their servers, with the ability to enter offline mode when you don’t have internet access. They have packages catering to all budgets, with freelancers and small business at the forefront of their minds.


Ballpark prides itself on its very simplistic and professional looking invoices, and like CurdBee, its advanced time tracking features allow you to charge clients correctly and keep on top of projects. Invoices are web based or can be emailed to clients, and estimates can be discussed with clients on the fly.

Ballpark also features an intuitive CRM system, with enough functionality to keep freelancers ticking over and also suitable for small teams. Clean and well-designed reports can be generated at the click of a button, allowing you to visualise time spent on a project and what has and hasn’t been billed to the client.

The team behind Ballpark also invested heavily in a well-polished smartphone app, allowing you to track time, bill clients and keep up to date with new activity on the go.

ballpark online invoicing


Not to be confused with Freshbooks, Clear Books is a relatively basic yet effective invoicing solution with hundreds of free pre-designed invoice themes. Both Clear Books and their creative users regularly contribute to their invoice theme directory, meaning there is never a shortage of invoice designs.

Standard features include reoccurring billing and late payment reminders, as well as the ability to send email statements to clients containing paid and unpaid invoices. Clear Books is very straight forward to use with a clean and intuitive interface, but doesn’t boast as many features as the other solutions in this article.


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