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December 9, 2013
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We hear and say it all the time, the Internet is a great resource. This is certainly true but it can also be this black hole where you spend the bulk of your time searching only to come back to life several hours later. As you already know, the average writer spends between 50 and 70 percent of their time on the Internet.

This is can be cool if you are only there to watch Brittana GIFs, but the web can be an endless abyss that will easily overwhelm you. For this reason, there are a number of tools you can use to manage how you use the Internet and get the best use out of it as a writer.


There is a lot you can do to help improve your earnings if you want to be super-productive as a writer and improving your typing speed is one way to enhance your productivity. For all intents and purposes, anyone with a typing speed of say, 75 WPM will always turn in more work than someone with 30 WPM, all other things kept equal.

10FastFingers is a free website that offers a variety of typing tests to help increase your tying accuracy and improve your familiarity with your keyboard. Both new and seasoned writers are advised to use this tool everyday.

fast fingers typing test games

2. Anti-social – shut out the social part for a bit!

Social media and email are among the most common things that distract writers from completing tasks and meeting deadlines. It is therefore useful to have the capability to switch these sites for a while so as to eliminate the temptation.

Antisocial is a Windows and Mac App that allows you to temporarily restrict all access to social media networking sites. While the idea may sound drastic, you have to agree that it can sometimes be worth it. How much time have you wasted on social media when you were in the middle of writing something? You have the freedom to set the timer to as low as fifteen minutes and in case you set the timer too high for your liking, all you have to do to access social media sites is to reboot the PC.

anti social app


One of the biggest fears of a writer is that the PC will die, resulting in temporary, even permanent loss of hours, days, or even months of hard work. But having to back everything up on a regular basis as is recommended can be a big hassle.

Drop box is an online storage space that allows you to upload and store anything you want. All you have to do to access the file is download it to your computer from any location. Dropbox offers 18 GB worth of storage space for free users while premium users are allowed to store much more data.

Regardless of where you are, you only need to sign into your Dropbox account to access all your writing materials, ready to be worked on.

dropbox app


This online tool is the ultimate solution for all copyright issues writers deal with online. If any content has been plagiarized from a different author’s work, then copyscape will highlight the plagiarized text for you. But it’s uses are not just limited to helping you confirm whether you accidentally lifted a sentence or two, you can also use Copyscape to protect your content. The tool will notify you anytime part or whole of your work is posted on another blog without your authorization.

copyscape app for writers

Ommwriter- for an optimum writing environment

Many writers can benefit from having clear focus and the peace of ambient noise to get in the best mood for writing. Instead of spending hours fruitless trying to create such an environment for yourself, you can let an application like OmmWriter take care of that for you. Dana I In its free version, you get a colorful backdrop for the words you type, and a calming audio environment which even produces the sounds of keystrokes as you type. The premium version, Dana II, offers more writing environments.

OmmWriter - productivity tools for writers

Xero- For financial management

Getting paid is something all writers look forward to. However, while you may have stellar writing skills, managing your finances to get the best value out of your money is a whole new game. Xero is a web-based accounting tool that can be accessed from any location. The tool allows you to generate pay invoices to help rack your cash flow, code your banking transactions etc.


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